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Protagonist Biographies:

Character Sketch - Kei, by: Rachel Scott

Kei Chang -

A very beautiful, sultry young Chinese woman who emanates with an air of ethereal mystery. Her black hair falls about her shoulders like strands of fine silk, and her deep soulful eyes glow with intense warmth and deep rich color. She favors the color black, and is normally dressed in long black gowns made of flowing, billowing material, with perhaps a few pieces of silver jewelry & usually black combat boots. She is of average height and slender build. The creamy whiteness of her pale skin is accentuated by her black attire.

Kei's home is a modest apartment. All the walls are painted black, and the windows are boarded over, and covered with heavy black velvet, and lace curtains. She has a few pale lamps, draped with black lace. Her furniture is heavy and dark.

She is a graduate student at University of California – Berkeley, getting her masters degree in Archeology. She appears to be about 23 years of age... When in fact she is a 1,500 year-old Draconis of the Nanaru stirps. (Black Dragon, or Dragon of Darkness) She is a pacifist in nature, and is very passionate about her studies.

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Isasuku Takano

Takano appears to be a Japanese man, about 4' 11”, and stocky in build. He is determined to become a master of the Martial Arts. (BEST KUNG-FU EVER!) Takano is of the dwarven race Urgathnor.  His guild is Zardis'Ethral, and he's wearing an exoskeleton....
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Mick is a 4th year freshman at UC-Berkeley, and a pathetic member of the Navy reserves. He is “enrolled” as a full-time student... but he never really goes to class. He's just a party animal and a prankster. Mick normally looks like a college guy in a pink polo shirt (It takes a REAL man to wear pink...), but he doesn't see anything wrong with being nude in public.
Mick is known to strike up conversations about topics most persons would find inappropriate. But that's okay, because he's not a person!
Mick is an immoral Feyerre. He is alien to this world, and enjoys scaring the weak. Mick lives for tom-foolery and whenever the chance arises, will instigate mischievousness that can, and does, result in a body count. Mick can also change shape at will, which only adds to the fun! 
Mick lives in the student housing near the Berkeley campus, and has some roommates, who hate him. He's oblivious to their complaints, and insists that he gets to keep the “big bedroom” all to himself.

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Character Sketch - Cordina, by Jessica Scott

Cordina Waterhouse

Cordina runs her own business as a scuba-diving instructor for tourists and enthusiasts. She lives in a beautiful home right on the beach of the pacific ocean. At her home she has a large Japanese garden, complete with a well kept koi pond. She also has a very large in-door pool which she also keeps stocked with koi and lily-pads.
Cordina is strikingly attractive with long jet black hair, and eyes like the stormy sea. Her skin is tanned and freckled from her outdoorsy lifestyle. She is slender and bares a serpent-like grace, gliding about effortlessly with undulating hips, and hair.
She loves sushi and has a child-like trust of strangers.  Cordina is currently taking a Kung-fu class
to improve her skills as a fighter.  Cordina prefers barehanded combat, and detests all weapons.
She too is a dragon, a Lakhmu Draconis (Sea Serpent, or Water Dragon) She is famous in the Draconian world for killing 5 Azhi Dehaka (dragon-slayers) already in her young life of only 736 years old.

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Game Synopsis

Session Number: 1
Date: 8-14-04
Guide:  Aaron Scott

Our Odyssey begins...

Cordina and Kei have been friends for centuries, literally! Recently, Kei has decided to take up archeology. She finds it quaint that things from her childhood are now considered to be “ancient artifacts.” Kei excels at her studies, since she was basically there when it actually happened! (And you know how good those dragon memories are!)

One day on campus Kei was hit-on by a bizarre student in a pink polo shirt. Kei instantly recognized him for what he was, and was mildly amused by the fey. She befriended him, and introduced him to Cordina. (Cordina was then promptly hit-on as well.)

Cordina was surprised to meet Mick, especially since she had just meet another eldritch being at her kung-fu class, the Dwarf – Takano.

Over time the group of immortals became friends.

Then one day they each received a letter. It was not delivered by the mail, and the dragons could tell that much effort was put into concealing the scent and identity of the sender.

Each letter requested that they meet in a gaming store near the Castro district of San Francisco, at 6:45 PM on August 14th.

On the 14th, they arrived at the store about a ½ hour early. It was your typical gaming store. Valuable CCG cards were under the glass case by the check-out. There were rows and rows of various books, and shelves filled with every type of board and card game. There were posters of fantasy art on the walls (that the dragons found offensive), and a group of D&D gamers playing with miniatures on a table in the back.

There was one clerk in the store. He was in his late 20s, kinda pudgy with a straggly goatee and slightly receding brown hair. He was dressed in a black t-shirt with a cheeky saying printed on it, black jeans, and a worn-out pair of Doc Martins.

Cordina recognized his scent from the letter and approached him. But before she could inquire about the letter, there was a loud bang from outside.

A few moments later a Biker Gang came into the store carrying chains, some even had shotguns!

Kei, being a pacifist instantly went for cover, and Mick ran and hid in the john. Cordina on the other hand cannot stand man-made weapons! So she launches herself at the nearest Biker with a shotgun! Her attack leads to him fumbling his weapon, causing it discharge! The Biker gets quite injured by the blast. Cordina ,on the other hand, is barely bruised!

Cordina then moves to a protective stance over the Clerk, while Takano joins the fray. His punches quickly drop two of the bikers, and the gang soon beats a hasty retreat.

Takano then calls the police to dispatch a squad to the area.

Kei comes out of hiding. Many people in the store seem quite shaken by the events that just occurred. The clerk is left blubbering, while the D&D guys argue over how much damage was just inflicted. (Dude, that shotgun totally did way more damage than a 1d6!!)

At this point, Mick decides to have some fun! He comes out from the bathroom now with the appearance of a Biker. He starts saying, “ What'd ya do to my friends!! I just came in here to use the John and you attack my Friends!”

Mick then extends his gag by calling a cab to take the Bikers to a bar nearby. He drags the unconscious bikers outside to wait for the taxi. Just then “Officer Henderson” arrives on the scene.

Officer Henderson decides to arrest Takano for disorderly conduct, and take the Store Clerk into custody too, for “questioning.” The Dragons find this odd... but they find most mortal ideas of “law” strange. Officer Henderson then slaps some hand-cuffs on the Dwarf (Tee-hee, how long will that last!!), takes the two of them out to his car, and they leave.

A few minutes later another squad car arrives at the Gaming Store. After a bit of quick interrogation, the Dragons realize that the first cop was a fake!!!

They race out to Cordina's car, and begin to tracking the squad car with the Clerk and Takano in it!

This Leaves Mick as the only party member left at the store at 6:45, when a limo pulls up and a man gets out...

Meanwhile, Takano has easily broken his handcuffs, and keeps questioning officer Henderson to prove his credentials. By this point, the Clerk has totally flipped out.

Takano realizes that they are not heading towards the police station. He figures that Henderson is not a real cop, so he decides to attack him. Takano punches through the bullet-proof glass separating him from the pseudo-cop.

This surprising attack causes “Henderson” to loose control of the vehicle. The squad car swerves violently onto the curb and smashes into a large metal light-post at 35 miles per hour! Henderson and the Clerk are killed instantly on impact. Their heads smashed in by the inertia.

Takano stumbles into a nearby shop, “Moon-Crystals,” and asks the clerk there to call the police. Again he is connected to the apathetic dispatching personnel!

Eventually the two Dragons catch up to Takano. (Cordina and Kei got hungry on their way there, and decide to stop for some sushi.) Cordina is saddened by the loss of the gaming store clerk, who she felt was an innocent.

Eventually an ambulance arrives and takes Takano to the hospital.

Cordina and Kei decide to head back to the gaming shop.

They get back just in time to meet with the man who got out of the Limo – The owner of the Gaming Store. He takes them to the back of the store where he opens a safe. Out of the safe he produces a strange relic. It is metallic, and appears to be a piece of a puzzle. The store owner then speaks of the attacks on his stores since the object came into his possession. He hopes that we – “Being what we are” - will be able to solve the mysteries of this artifact, and hopefully recover the other pieces.

The Artifact is then given to the Fey. He finds it holding the relic slightly unsettling, and warm to the touch.

Takano, who is now at the hospital, waits for an opportune time to “slip away” undetected to re-join his comrades.


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Experience Awarded:

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Destiny Points Awarded:
  • Jess.......................................2 points (Making Food, and this Web Journal)
  • Rachel..................................1 point (Helped get gaming supplies)

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Session Number: 2
Date: 8-21-04
Guide:  Aaron Scott

Our Odyssey continues...

Kei ends up taking the artifact back to her apartment. Takano escapes from the hospital and heads back to the gaming store (which is now closed). He orders pizza, and waits...

Suddenly there is a knock on Kei's door. It is the Fed-ex guy! He gives her a package. She then takes the package inside her place and opens it.  BOOM!!! It was a bomb! (Rachel!!!)
Kei is quiet injured by the blast. She calls the hospital to tell them that she has blown-up, then calls Cordina to take her to the hospital. Cordina picks up Kei and the two of the head towards the ambulance, just as squad cars pull up.
  When they get to the ER, Kei is still smoldering, with shrapnel stuck in her beautiful face. The doctor in the ER after learning that Kei has no health insurance gives her a prescription for Ibuprophen, and sends her home.

As soon the Gaming store opens and Takano enters. He orders more pizza, and continues to wait. At 5 PM a Biker comes back. The Big Biker starts to insult the dwarf, calling him a Dwarf!  Takano asks the Biker if he want to take this outside. The Biker grunts, "Where is the artifact?!" Takano is like, "what artifact?" The Biker then says, "I don't want no inferior dwarven artifacts!"

Well that tore it! Takano attacks the Biker, but it turns out the Biker is actually a pretty core orc!  Takano, after getting beaten pretty good, yields and says he will take the Orc to the Artifact.  Takano then rides bitch, and directs the Orc Biker to Cordina's Place, where Cordina is unsuccessfully trying to nurse Kei back to health.  

When they arrive the Orc asks for the Artifact. Cordina recognizes the Orc for what he is instantly, and tells him, truthfully, that Artifact is not there. The Orc gets mad at Takano, and beats him senseless. (Takano is knocked out!) Cordina sees that Takano has been threatened and goes into Saurial-Human form. She leaps at the Orc, but backlash allows him to escape!
Soon the dwarf is revived and he learns that the Artifact was left unattended in Kei's apartment after the blast!
Kei is still too wounded to go about, so Cordina gives her some strict rules for staying at her place.  Takano, and Cordina, get Kei's Key, and go back to get the artifact.

When they get there, there isn't even a door left on the apartment. Everything is GONE. Takano begins questioning the people in the building about what's happened.

Cordina starts to track the scent of the people that were there. She tells Takano that she is tracking the perpetrators, and that he should call her on her cell if he discovers anything.

Takano continues to go door to door. He eventually finds a weird stoner chick that agrees to help him when bribed with $1,000.

He asks her to drive him to Chinatown, where Cordina tracked the smells to.

Meanwhile, back at Cordina's there is a knock at the door.

Kei again goes to answer it. It is a nice young insurance salesman... who is actually a male Dragon of Light... which leads to.... well you know... *waka-chick-a-waka-chick-a*

About an hour later the male Dragon starts to tell Kei why he came over.

She learns about the artifact. That it is 1 of 3 parts. One part representing the Humans, the second part animals, and the third, plants. To have all the piece is to have power over them all. The Dragon of Light then warns that the Tong, and a gang of Orcs are after the artifacts. Very dangerous if the Orcs or the Chinese mafia gets a hold of these artifacts. He says that he knows where another one of the artifacts is, In a tower in the revery.

Kei then calls Cordina's cell to tell her to come home and meet the Male Dragon who has info.

Takano finally catches up to Cordina, just as she gets a call from Kei. As soon as Cordina hears that there is a MALE DRAGON in her house, she races home!

Before running off she says, the scent leads there, pointing at a huge warehouse.

It is now dark and Takano throws a rock throw a nearby storefront.

A Bunch of Tongs come out of the store and they are MAD!! They gather around Takano.

Takano offers cash, and makes a call to the Dragons for a Chinese/English translator. He offers to replace the window. They say that only his life will satisfy them. They start to brandish weapons. Takano then run from the Tong. But then more Tong appear to cut him off. So he turns down another ally. But more and more lights turn on. The Tong are converging on his location! Takano then calls on his drugy-chick “friend” to come pick him up for $1,000.

She gets there just in the knick of time! Takano leaps into her Chevy Cavalier. And they take off. Just as they are about to leave Chinatown a TANKK blocks their way! She swerves just in time to avoid the first shell fired their way.

Takano leaps on to the tank and starts yanking the occupants out. He does not get the gunner however, and the car gets shot! Takano agrees to replace it for her, and asks her if she can drive a tank! She's like “SURE!!”

< style="font-style: italic;">Takano gets away.
Soon the “Scoobie Gang” gets back together, and they hatch a plot to infiltrate the Warehouse.... with a chopper!


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Experience Awarded:

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Destiny Points Awarded:
  • Jess.......................................2 points (Making Food, and this Web Journal)
  • Rachel..................................2 points (Helped get gaming supplies)

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