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How Jess Lost Over 115 Pounds!

Here it is folks!  These are the actual products I've used (and still use) to helped me loose over 115 pounds!

I have divided this page up by Foods & Exercise.

I hope you will find this information useful, and it will help you be successful at your weight loss too!

Sincerely  -



Amy's Kitchen Logo

The Food from Amy's Kitchen has played a big part in my weight loss.   Amy's started in 1987 and offers healthy organic vegetarian meals for people that just do not have time to cook good things "from scratch."   Their food is so good, and good for you too!  It's so good in fact it is hard to believe it came out of the microwave!

My Favorite Amy's meal is the Palak Paneer, which only has 240 calories for the WHOLE thing!!!  Amy's also makes awesome enchiladas, pizzas, veggie burgers, and snack pockets that are making my mouth water just thinking about them!

Next time you are at the grocery store, be sure to check out Amy's in the frozen / organic / vegetarian section!

A Box of Bocas

Mmm!  Boca offers a delicious vegetarian patty that is sure to satisfy even the most  carnivorous of  meat-eaters.  Their vegan original is just wonderful!  They say you should cook it with cooking spray or vegetable oil, but I find they taste the best when you fry them up in real butter.  (Mmm Butter-burgers!)  Boca  also offers the best ground beef alternative I've tried.  Boca also offers a breakfast sausage that is just out-of-this-world! 

If you are interested in improving your health try replacing your beef with Boca!!

Tastes like chicken!

Another great meat alternative is Quorn.  (Like Corn, with a "Q")  Quorn is the #1 meat-free food provider in Europe, and they are starting to really pick up here in the States!   They offer the BEST tasting alternative to chicken out there.   I like to make fajita's and stir-fries with their "naked cutlets"  I am sure as more and more Quorn Product become available here in the state, I will enjoy more and more of their products!
Quaker Instant Oatmeal
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so every morning I start my day with a delicious bowl of Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Low-Sugar Apple Cinnamon to be precise!  This fiber-rich breakfast is great for weight loss!  The whole oats really fill you up and are so good for you! 
Nestle's Cartation Instant Breakfast
Another common breakfast I had while loosing weight is Carnation Instant Breakfast.  These great tasting vitamin-packed drinks let me have a healthy breakfast on days when I didn't have time for breakfast!
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Yoga is a great low-impact exercise that builds strength and flexibility. 
This is
THE  DVD that got me active.  The workout is performed by different instructors at different levels of modification from Fully Modified (using simplified poses & yoga props)  to the Full Form.  This DVD is great because it really offers a workout that progresses with you!    Even after 2 years I still get a great work out from this DVD. 

Tip:  Start out on the fully modified level.  Try to do it every other day.  Starting on the lightest level will make it easy for you to stick with it, and develop a good workout habit.  Once you are comfortable with the routine, start upping the difficulty.

If you are considering taking up yoga, I strongly recommened getting the yoga props.

The yoga MAT is a safety must!!!  The mat helps you stay stable by keeping your feet in place.  Not only does it make it safer for you, it really helps you keep your mind clear.  (It is hard to reach a yoga mind-set while your feet sliding farther and farther apart!!)   Yoga blocks and the strap are also really helpful if you aren't "super bendy."   (I still use the block for some poses to the left.)

When my husband first brought up idea of buying a piece of home exercise equipment I worried about the price.   Now after having my bike for over a year I can't express how happy I am that we didn't "cheap-out" on it.   I use my bike nearly every day to get a good cardio workout, and build my endurance.  I have the bike set up so I can watch movies while I bike.  I also like to read Harry Potter Books while biking.  Harry Potter has been an AWESOME motivation for me to loose weight.  I will bike each night to a chapter, and if I want to read more (Which I ALWAYS want to do) I have to keep biking to keep reading!

NOTE:  Before you get a bike be sure to read the specs to see if there is a rider weight limit!   I had to loose 30 pounds before I could use my bike. :-(
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