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Welcome to Jessica's Weight Loss Page!

Over 140 Pounds Lost!

(and still going!)



I started my weight loss in August 2002. Since that time I have lost over 140 pounds, and I am still going!

Fat Jess Face - June 2002 Thin Jess Face - May 2006

I was finally able to start losing weight once I realized that being "fat" and being "me" were not the same thing.

I've lost all the weight naturally, without surgery, gimmicks, fad-diets or "magic pills."  I just started to eat better and exercise!

I have to admit that I am amazed by how well I have done.  I never dreamed that when I started my weight loss I would be so successful!

I hope that you enjoy my site, and find it to be a great weight loss inspiration!!



Weight Loss Tools

The Calorie Calculator 

This great weight loss tool was made by my husband, Aaron Scott, with Java! 

No Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v 1.4 support for APPLET!!

What do these number mean?

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) - Your BMI is a ratio between your height and weight to see if you are healthy. (See table below.)
 BMI  Description
 Under 18.50  Underweight
 18.50 - 24.99  Healthy
 25.00 - 29.99  Over weight
 30.00 - 34.99  Obese
 35.00 - 39.99  Severely Obese
 40.00 and Over  Morbidly Obese

  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) - This is the amount of calories it take for your body just to stay alive if you just did nothing but lay in bed all day. (Calories burned by just your breathing, heart beat, digestion, maintaining core tempurature... etc.).
  • Daily Caloric Need - This is the esimated amount of calories your body needs in order to maintain your current weihgt based on your age, height, weight, and current activity level.
  • Calorie Difference - This is the difference between the number of calories you burn each day and the calories you consume.
NOTE: To lose a pound a week you'll need to cut and/or burn 500 calories a day.
WARNING!  Cutting your calories below 1,200 a day can lead to serious neurological problems!

For more information on BMI and BMR please see the Tips section of my website!

My Virtual Model

A great weight loss tool is the My Virtual Model Webiste!  My Virtual Model is a FREE website that lets you build a "3-D" version of yourself.

NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO JOIN NUTRISYSTEM!  It's the SAME program for all the sites listed... however... most won't make a plus sized model!!!

Just choose a store ("Go Shopping") and make your model. I suggest ADIDAS because they will allow you to make a plus size model. It will give you an error, but just click save. It will make her, but tell you that you can't use your model to try on clothes. But you CAN make her!!

Just click "Personalize"  You will then enter your height, weight, build, skin color, hair style, hair color, and facial features to create "you."  Your Model will really help you visualize your weight loss, and it is really fun to play with too!

Here is a picture of what my model looks like at my start weight, me at my current weight and the model again at my goal weight!  Build yours today!
Jessica in the pose of a MVM.

The Eat Right Chart

I created this easy to use chart to help me eat a balance and healthy diet.

Each column has a place to record your daily weight, and any exercise/activity.

I also included a section called "Daily Needs." This section lists all the parts of the food pyramid.  Each little triangle represents one serving from that food group.  When you eat a serving, shade in the triangle.  This is also where I tracked if I drank enough water.

The rest of the chart breaks out the day by meals and snacks.  Spaces are provided to record all food and drink consumned, and their calories.