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Jessica's Before Pictures
Looking at these pictures let me see how far I have come with my weight loss.  They also help remind me to keep my healthy lifestyle, so I won't become so obese again.

My face from June 2002

This is a head shot from when I was close to my heaviest weight. - June 2002

Beach whale pose

This lovely snapshot was taken a few months after
I started my weight loss at the Nov. 2002 "Tribes Party."

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Twice the size of my husband!
My husband and I dancing at a wedding. -
April, 2001
I was build like a barrel!

Me Starr & Becky - Summer 2000

This is a picture of me, Starr Ahrens and my sister Becky from Summer 2000
I am nearly as big as both of them together!

Big Jess!

Christmas, 2001

Size 28 Sweater